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Grouping these completed projects into a section called “Other” does not suggest that they were unimportant. Far from it. In fact, our clients in this category are some of the largest and most well respected corporations in Canada.

  • Board Member, Manufacturing
  • Chief Executive Officer, Manufacturing
  • President, Manufacturing
  • General Manager, Manufacturing
  • Director Materials and Logistics, Manufacturing
  • Divisional Controller, Manufacturing
  • Plant Controller, Manufacturing
  • Director of Sales, Distribution
  • National Account Manager, Distribution
  • Head of Audit, Distribution
  • Regional Supply Chain Manager-Alberta, Distribution
  • Regional Supply Chain Manager-British Columbia, Distribution
  • Senior Manager, Engineering
  • President, Exporter
  • Chief Legal Officer, Mining & Metals
  • Vice President, Information Technology, Real Estate
  • Global Chief Financial Officer, Dubai, Property Development

  • Vice President, Finance, Construction

  • Controller, Construction

  • Corporate Controller, Construction

  • Head of Facilities and Services, Construction

  • Manager Taxation, Construction

  • Project Engineer, Construction

  • Group Controller, Chemical Manufacturing
  • Director, Communications, Media & Entertainment
  • Director, Human Resources, Call Centre Management
  • Director, Prevention Services, Safe Workplace Association
  • VP, Chief Learning Architect, Corporate Training

  • Senior Account Director, Marketing Communications